U11 League Cup – Bishops Cannings 1 – Worton & Cheverell 6

SUBTITLE – 4 Goals from Left Feet!!!!
It was back to Green Lane, Devizes for the latest match between the two sides. Having faced each other in the League twice and once in a friendly, it was time for a meeting in the League Cup.

With 15 players available for the match, a strong line-up was planned but with Simon Gale and Franky Holdsworth coming down with illness on the day of the match it meant a reduced squad size and a reshuffle of the coaches plans for the game.

With Simon missing, decision was made to move Jack Churches into centre back alongside Jake and with Franky out, we had to work out what we did on right wing. We eventually settled on Alfie Miles-Hobbs playing in centre triangle with Harry and Charlie and having Josh Francis and Joseph Skinner on the wings. With Alfie Brinton and Henri(y?) Luzi completing defence, James Stobbart up front and James Black in goals it was a fairly solid lineup.

The match started fairly evenly, with Worton shooting into a strong breeze. It got congested in the area between midfield and Bishops defence, sometimes 14 players in small area of field – it did mean it was not a day for dribbling – despite several players having a go !!!!

After 4 minutes, Jamo found himself on right side of penalty box, crossed the ball in and Charlie met it with a looping header into the corner of the net. The team settled and tried to create more opportunities but were stifled by the mass of players!!

After 14 minutes, the old achilies heel hit again as a kick-out from the Bishops keeper bounced in centre circle and over the defence for their striker to take forward and smash high into the goal. Once again we let ourselves down in an area where we have worked on in training. At this point it looked like Bishops were going to take a firm grip in the game and on several occassions had the ball into the Worton penalty box but the defence held firm.

After 16 minutes, Adam Edwards replaced Joseph and James Francis who replaced Josh Francis. After 23 minutes some good battling by Adam retrieved the ball, passed it to Harry Davis who placed an exquisite ball through the defence onto which Jamo ran and smacked left foot low into the corner of the net. By now Worton were on top and creating chances at will. After 28 minutes, Charlie picked up the ball in midfield, saw a gap in the Bishops defence, ran straight through and placed the ball left footed into the bottom right of the goal!

Half time 3-1 to Worton. A change back of the midfield with Josh and Joseph replacing James and Adam. The coaches reiterated the need to stop trying to dribble through congested spaces and to pass and move as we do in training. Doing so quickly would enable us to get past the congested spaces better.

A fast start to the second half by Worton led to Jamo taking advantage of the difficulty in getting goal kicks a reasonable distance into the wind. After 34 minutes, the Bishops player had the ball, Jamo put him under pressure, Harry came in to assist and Jamo came away with the ball and unleashed a spectacular curling strike into the top right corner of the goal.

With Bishops still rocking from this goal, after 38 minutes, a throw-in by Jamo got to Charlie in the box whose shot was well blocked by the keeper but the rebound fell to Charlie to put in past the keeper.
After 45 minutes we switched back the wide midfielders after another good shift. We also swapped out Jake for a well earned rest in the defence.

Bishops then started to create a few chances as we lost shape at times. When the ball broke through the defence either James Black cleared with an excellent kick or produced an excellent save to deny the opposition.

The final goal of the day was scored by Henri – Jamo trying to replicate his strike from earlier failed to make as good contact as before and somehow Henri found himself on edge of 6 yard box to shoot past the keeper – how he got there we don’t know – why he was there we don’t know – I didn’t see Emma Watson in the Bishops goal, so what ever reason it was – well done Henri!!

Back to James Black, one save in 53rd minute involved a dive to the bottom left of goal to knock the ball past the post for a corner. A couple of other good saves followed to deny the opposition.

So second half was a much better performance – we did things there that we have been aspiring to do in training for some time. Clean sheet for second half.

So Man of the Match poll is attached to this blog, please enter your vote and comment if you wish – especially the players.


4 responses to “U11 League Cup – Bishops Cannings 1 – Worton & Cheverell 6

  1. I enjoyed the match. We played well – especially the second half.


  2. Well done to Henri(y?) for a great goal in the second half.

  3. well done boys – look forward to reffing you again soon

  4. Well done Henri; that was a splendid goal, executed with artistic finesse; surprising the opposition and impressing everyone.

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