U11 Worton & Cheverell 1 – Westbury Youth Lions 0

This was a hard won victory, which saw Worton playing into a really strong headwind in the first half, causing the ball to swirl and spin about, and make it extremely difficult for the boys to get the ball under control and pass it around. It also gave Westbury the momentum going forward but despite this the back four mopped up any balls over the top (particular mention to James Francis who had a solid game at right back) and JB was quick off his line to deal with any threats. The best chances fell to Worton and Lewis got a couple of decent shots at goal, Charlie had shot on the stretch and Brints was extremely unlucky with a well placed shot that was beating their ‘keeper that a defender managed to block, so nil – nil at half time, and having played against the wind we were happy with how things were going.
The wind then eased for the 2nd half, but the boys still found it hard going to get the ball down and pass it. Josh chased down their left back and put him under pressure to win a corner, that Charlie lofted in, it fell to Jo Skinner at the near post who calmly set himself and then smashed the ball home to get the winner in the 43rd minute.
Westbury didn’t really threaten our goal, although they did break through the back four a few times the boys covered for each other and dealt with it.
Not the best of performances but difficult conditions, we got the win and another clean sheet.
So with lots of airshots, miskicks, and boys waiting for the ball to come to them, these are the things we’ll focus on on training this week, a refresher on dealing with high balls, corner positioning and meeting the ball rather than waiting for it.



9 responses to “U11 Worton & Cheverell 1 – Westbury Youth Lions 0

  1. A sign of a good team is that a result can be ground out when you are perhaps not playing your best. This was a good example of that.
    Well done to all that played in testing conditions – 3 points gained, another clean sheet!

  2. It was a shame the lads weren’t playing in a 4-4-2 type formation from the start as they took control of the match when then went into that formation. Maybe an idea to work on 4-4-2 in training as we usually have better players than the opposition in a game unless we are planning to hit balls over the top and swamp the midfield to assist the striker.i.e. he cant be in two places at once.

  3. Steve, thanks for your comment. It was actually 4 – 4- 1- 1 that was set-up all game (as has been for last 4 games – just different people on positions) as opposed to a standard 4-4-2 due me wanting to judge the opposition by packing midfield and closing down opposition moves. Previous game had ball over top tactics against us which we aimed to try and stop by closing down at all opportunities. We do not do ball over the top and that has been clear all season.

    • steve edwards

      Oh okay – I hadn’t noticed that a second striker or link player was involved.

      However, did you think my observation was correct – ‘the lads took control when they went into a 4-4-2 formation’ ?

      • I would have – but we never went to 4-4-2! What may have appears was the link player being able to support a bit better as the other team tired and we took over better.

  4. I just think the play was compressed in our half due to the wind (sorry to keep going on about it) and had we had 2 up front they would have been isolated and have made the midfield work even harder than they already were, and it also made the game much more ‘scrappy’ than we are used to seeing. Lets not forget Westbury finished 2nd in the league and we have now beaten them home and away.

  5. steve edwards

    I just thought 2 up front with one dropping back either allowing the other to make a run or bring midfield into play would have given us more control, I thought they were great midway through the 2nd half when it looked like 4-4-2.

    That was why I thought it was 4-5-1 not 4-4-1-1.

    Your’e the coaches though so I’m sure you know best and I’ll shut up.

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