U11 – Chippenham Town White 3 – Worton & Cheverell 1

Early into the game, Chippenham town went 1-0 up. It came from a ball down the left side and then a low shot passed JB.
In the 3rd minute, Chippenham went 2-0 up with a ball down the left and the ball soared to an unmarked attacker in the middle of the penalty area free to put the ball into the back of the net.
After 11 minutes Worton went 3-0 down with a pass down the right and the skipper crossed it in. JB was unable to hold the ball as the pitch was very rough. The ball flew into the centre of the goal.
Once again, Chippenham attacked with a pass along the left but denied by James Francis and Simon.

Early in the second half, Chippenham attacked once again but Worton couldn’t afford to concede another goal. JB blocked a shot which bobbled on the crossbar several times and eventually went off for a corner. Later in the second half, Worton started to attack. Harry scored an excellent top corner shot on the 48 minute mark. Chippenham keeper didn’t stand a chance. The final whistle blew with the first loss in Division 1.

James Black


3 responses to “U11 – Chippenham Town White 3 – Worton & Cheverell 1

  1. Once again, the curse of the slow start hit us with a gift of a 3 goal start against a spirited and capable Chippenham side.
    Removing that, chances for both sides for remainder of match, some very good football being played by our side and the goal eventually came through Harry.
    No shortage of hard work demonstrated by all who took the field, unfortunately the first 11 mins events were all too much.
    Valuable lesson that we must be alert and switched on at start of matches – League One means you cant afford not to.


  2. good report James, well done. Not much else to add really. Let’s hope we learn from today.

  3. A quick email to all the boys at Worton – GOOD LUCK ON SATURDAY!
    Kev and Raff Stone

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