U11 League 1 – Worton & Cheverell 3 Melksham Utd A 0

Worton welcomed Melksham Utd to Fortress Northbrook seeking to gain victory against a team who narrowly defeated us in the last league match a few weeks ago.

The game started with both sides looking for openings in each others defences but both stayed resolute. Worton did make a breakthrough in 14 minutes when a corner taken by Jamo was met with a diving header by Adam Edwards low into the corner of the goal.

Just before half time, Worton extended the lead. Jamo performing some Gazza-esque skills (against some team I have forgotten the whole event some 16 years ago) when he flicked the ball over the right back before crossing into the middle of the goal for Franky (yes Franky) to rise like the proverbial gracious swam and head down into the ground and past the keeper.

The second half continued in much the same light, Worton creating chances withour converting and preventing Melksham from having any time on the ball and stopping any chances being made.

Worton sealed the points on 45 minutes when another Jamo corner was crossed into the middle of the goal, the keeper cleared the ball to around the penalty spot where Adam Edwards switched from right foot to left foot, before smacking low into the goal.

Another great team performance, everyone playing their part including the players who came in and out the game.

Next up – Wednesday vs Trowbridge Wanderers.


One response to “U11 League 1 – Worton & Cheverell 3 Melksham Utd A 0

  1. fantastic team performance, really proud of the effort put in by the boys, well done each and every one of you.

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